find your dream job 2017


Online, small group coaching to help you dream, explore, brainstorm and make a practical plan for 2017.

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST
4 Sessions
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  • Connector.

    WEEK 1

    Examine the lifestyle you want

  • Connector.

    WEEK 2

    Define your skills, abilities, and passions

  • Connector.

    WEEK 3

    Research employers & opportunities

  • Connector.

    WEEK 4

    Choose a dream job goal & make an action plan


Not only is our generation looking at working longer, a lot of us find we want to work longer…. at something we love.

No matter what stage of life you are in, I can’t urge you enough to continue to dream and explore.

There are so many possibilities, and if you’ve lived a little, you may have some idea of what you enjoy and what you never want to do again.

Attending this group will help you brainstorm solutions, and come up with workable ideas using the skills you enjoy.

find your dream job 2017



WEEK 1: What do you want in terms of lifestyle? What is holding you back?

Your job affects the life you live in so many ways. Lets define the lifestyle you want first, and then look at the job possibilities that fit within that.

What you’ll get

  • Clarity & direction
  • Ideas for a happy life
  • Define lifestyle goals


WEEK 2: We’ll look inward at your skills, abilities and passions.

Which ones do you enjoy using? Which ones do you swear to never use again?

What are your secret dreams? How to deal with the fear that comes with stepping into uncharted territory.

what you’ll get

  • Identification of your skills
  • Defining true passions
  • Encouragement for secret dreams
  • Strategies for dealing with fear



WEEK 3:  Based on the filter you’ve created in weeks 1 & 2 you’ll explore which employers and opportunities are right for you.

You’ll learn how to research employers and alternative work options.

what you’ll get

  • Explore alternative work models
  • Make your job opportunity filter
  • Clarity on what you’re looking for

action plan

WEEK 4: This wrap up session will use your filter from the prior sessions to pick your Dream Job.

You will make this your Dream Job goal and establish a timeline with intermediary goals and rewards.

what you’ll get

  • Clarity on your dream job
  • You’ll set a dream job goal
  • Ideas to help overcome barriers


what customers are saying

The Career coaching I received from Marcy was valuable and worthwhile. Marcy uncovered many insights about myself that have helped me to move forward on my career path.

Marcy is kind, gracious, and focused on the goals of the session. She kept us on track while addressing any concerns and questions that I presented. Marcy is generous, knowledgeable, and encouraging during a job search process that can be emotional an roller-coaster.

It was a true delight to work with Marcy.

Lisa S.

3 reasons to join


Working with a coach, you’ll have deadlines to meet. You are more likely to work hard consistently so you set and meet your goals.

  • Planning
  • Deadlines
  • Goals


Sharing your dream in a small group setting,  you’ll not only get my input as a coach, but you’ll brainstorm with people who have ideas too.

  • Dream
  • Get input
  • Gain Clarity


In this group, you’ll get valuable information that I share 1:1 in coaching, but at a discounted price. Plus, you’ll get encouragement from the group. 

  • Valuable coaching
  • Reduced pricing
  • Encouragement