Meet marcy

Career Coaching

I’m a certified career coach and resume writer with 21 years experience helping people figure out what they love to do and then finding that particular job.

My Training
I’m certified through Dan Miller’s Coaching Mastery Program, an elite program teaching you the dynamics of coaching, along with the principles of business to help you succeed.

I’ve also attended Dan’s Coaching With Excellence Event – a life changing experience I highly recommend. I consider Dan a good friend & mentor.

ways to connect with me

What Makes me unique

I help people dream, plan, and then act on their dreams. We’ll make a practical plan that makes you excited to get up in the morning.

Destiny & Choice

I believe you can choose your destiny.  There are things out of your control, but so many things you can control.

The first thing I’ll do when I meet you is get you to talk about your dreams. The ones that got stuffed away in an endless stream of activity in a busy life.

Dreaming sets the stage for a life of fulfillment, excitement, and growth. It is absolutely practical to dream and then find work that makes you feel you were born to do it.

How many years do you have left to work? Let’s dream together, and layout action steps you can take to make the journey to a life you’re excited about!


what people are saying

“I always feel energized after talking with you… like I can do it!”
“I walked away with such a great feeling of encouragement & promise for my future. I haven’t felt this way in a long time”
“I feel much more positive now, like I actually have options”
“Now I have hope”

A little bit about me

what i talk about

  • Life is too short to give up on your dreams. I talk about stepping out and doing what you really want.

  • I talk a lot about how to make your dreams happen without losing everything you’ve worked for.

  • Staying positive through change is a big theme I talk about and live. It’s also important to create a great support system to draw from.

  • Making a realistic plan that works with your schedule is key to following through with the plans you make.

my life experience

  • You’ll hear quite a bit about my own journey in my posts. I’ve had my own personal experiences, like being laid off from a corporate job with 40,000 others.

  • I’ve been discouraged and frustrated; not knowing what job if any I would be happy in.

  • You’ll hear stories in my blog posts about my journey and how I figured out what type of work was a right fit for me.

  • I started over with new hopes and dreams. You can too!